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N a v i g a t i o n
Caught by Umeå

Umeå will be the European Capital of Culture in 2014, so to celebrate this, a group from this swedish city came to Warsaw. We could see some great photos of the amazing nature and , what whas great experience, we could see and come in to the Samis tent. The photo below shows the elements carved in ice.

Umeå är Europas kulturhuvudstad í 2014 och en grupp från den här staden kom till Warszawa för att visa oss några bilder med skön naturen, ett samiskt tält och mycket mycker mer :)



(by c213)

The first year is done. 


I feel spring!!! Finally!!!


Fat Knit Hammock by Bless.

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Winter holidays are great, ‘cause I can watch all Misfits and read all my books which I have been collecting for 2 months. I wait for spring, I need sun and fresh, warm air-then I will go outside